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Our seminars are designed to equip volunteer church leaders grow in variety of roles. Currently, our seminars are only available as live presentations. In 2020 and 2021 we plan to make all of our training seminars available on line.

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about our ministry

Entrusted to Teach” can help pastors equip small group Bible teachers in their church and raise small group Bible teaching to a powerful new level.

what we do?

Entrusted to Teach Ministries provides training and resources to local churches in an effort to strengthen small group Bible teaching.

“Entrusted to Teach” training workshops are designed to provide much needed practical matters such as the basics of Bible study, lesson preparation, and lesson presentation, but goes beyond the traditional training to address spiritual preparation and passion in teaching.

ETT is a non profit ministry that seeks to assist churches and pastors equip small group Bible teachers.

WHY WE DO what we do?

Small group Bible teachers have a sacred responsibility to communicate God’s Word as effectively as possible. The problem is, nowadays, we associate pushing play on a DVD player with teaching. It’s not working. Small group Bible teachers must play a critical role in the battle against Biblical illiteracy in our culture.

Barna Research survey results reveal that, “most church-going adults reject the accuracy of the Bible, reject the existence of Satan, claim that Jesus sinned, see no need to evangelize, believe that good works are one of the keys to persuading God to forgive their sins, and describe their commitment to Christianity as moderate or even less firm.”

  • Communicating God’s passion for teaching
  • Challenging teachers to create a plan for greater spiritual growth
  • Teaching Bible study tools for deeper understanding of Scripture
  • Inspiring Bible teachers to greater dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • Learning from Biblical models of teaching like Ezra, Paul, and the greatest model of all, Jesus
  • Providing valuable instruction in lesson preparation and presentation

    Teaching God’s Word is one of the essential functions of the local church, and the Pastor cannot fulfill this huge responsibility alone. The apostle Paul instructed Timothy, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2).

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    Dinner With Jesus

    Dinner With Jesus

    Miracle: Jesus Heals a Man of Dropsy on the Sabbath (Luke 14:1-14)

    Jesus had constant conflict with the Pharisees over a variety of issues. He had harshly condemned them because of their hypocrisy, greed and wickedness (Matthew 23). In light of the ongoing enmity, why did they invite Him to dinner (Luke 11:37-52) and why did He accept their invitation?

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    Is There an Unpardonable Sin and Have You Committed It?

    Does God Know You?

    It is one thing to boast in our knowing God but, according to Jesus, the bigger question is whether or not He knows us (see Matthew 7:20-23).

    I can think of three ways we can build our relationship with God:

    1) Time with Him in prayer, worship, and the study of His Word; both alone and with the church.

    2) Trials, though none of us like going through them, provide one of the greatest opportunities for experiencing God. Rarely do we cling to Him more than when going through trials.

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    What is Poor in Spirit

    What is Poor in Spirit

    Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with eight statements that we call the Beatitudes, from the Latin word for “Blessed.” Although some translators used the word “Happy,” that doesn’t do justice to the Greek word makarios. It means divine joy. The Latin word for it is beatitude which is where we get our title for verses 3-12, The Beatitudes. The word itself doesn’t even apply to human emotions. It’s a statement of how God views people who live a certain way.

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    Contact Entrusted To teach today to schedule a Bible teacher training seminar at your church.

    According to George Gallup, “Americans revere the Bible—but, by and large, they don’t read it.”

    If we hope to change our nation, we need to begin by changing our Churches . . . specifically, improve Bible teaching. Week after week, men and women with little or no teacher-training are teaching God’s Word.