Biblical Pedagogy

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Biblical pedagogy that transforms will prioritize the Holy Spirit in preparation and presentation of Biblical truth!

Pedagogy (ped-uh-goh-jee) is a fun word to say.  Merriam-Webster defines pedagogy as the art, science or practice of teaching. Biblical pedagogy is the practice of teaching God’s Holy Word. Pastors and spiritual leaders have a sacred responsibility to ensure small group Bible teachers have been equipped for Biblical pedagogy!

Dr. Ken Hemphill writes, “Virtually everyone who is involved in any leadership capacity in the local church has read or heard about the discouraging statistical data as it relates to Sunday school/small group attendance in virtually every denomination.  It is not insignificant that evangelistic statistics have declined along with attendance in small group Bible study.  These two markers of the spiritual health of the church have always been inextricably tied together.  For the church to get larger it must become smaller!  In other words, additional Bible study groups must be added as the church increases in size.  The base of the pyramid must first be expanded before it can be heightened.  Often churches fail to create additional groups because they do not have additional teachers who have a passion to teach God’s Word.  The lack of adequate leaders will lead to stagnancy, decline, and ultimate death if it is not soon addressed. (Capturing God’s Passion for Teaching, xi).

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