A 15 -Week Church Health Assessment​

Assessing today’s reality in your church is an essential bridge between a comprehensive definition of church health, and a vision for a preferable future. If we lack the right definition, we cannot assess how healthy we are. If we don’t do an assessment, we have no basis for a vision of something that is preferable to what we have now. Church revitalization is built on all three of these things: definition, assessment, and a vision.

Entrusted to Teach Church Consulting has a highly developed, biblical definition of health. Using that definition, we also have the kind of training and experience that allows us to assess the true health of your church. Just as importantly, we do not spend a mere couple of weeks on this type of assessment, and we do not spend a year of your time. But in 15 weeks, we can present to you a complete assessment with 4-7 recommendations for health improvement. The result is a 100-120 page report. For those without the time to read that many pages, we provide you with a 2-4 page summary. In addition, we like to have two hours to present our consulting process and our findings to your leadership team. If you are interested in more information about a comprehensive church assessment for your church, please click contact and share an email address or phone number so that we can reach out to you.