Fifty Shades of Depravity

Below is a list of some horrible evils I heard about in just the last week that illustrate the moral depravity of man. Oh the evil people do to one another. I didn’t list fifty “shades” of depravity but I could have. Unfortunately, illustrations are not hard to find. I am not saying all of these events happened this week but many did. A man was charged with murder after deputies say he stabbed his girlfriend to death and kidnapped her 4-year-old daughter. One report said the man murdered the woman in front of her child. Another man is under arrest for attempting to kidnap a 5-year-old from a Chick-fil-A restaurant. A police officer shot and killed a man who officials say was stabbing a woman at an apartment complex Wednesday afternoon. The suspect and the victim have both died. Investigators say a doctor at MD Anderson in Houston poisoned another doctor (her lover) with antifreeze. Dateline NBC featured a story about a father who admitted to causing a car to fall on his 23 year old son so that he could collect the son’s life insurance. The man is also suspected of causing a fire in 1991 that killed his wife. A former nuclear plant worker was found guilty of injecting his wife with a lethal dose of nicotine to collect more than $500,000 in life-insurance money. An 8-year-old was locked in a closet and weighed only 25 pounds when she was rescued from her home in Dallas. There was evidence of sexual abuse. A woman was gang raped in broad daylight on the beach in Panama City, Fla. While all of the people who committed these terrible crimes should and hopefully will face justice, we should stop and ask ourselves what is wrong with humanity that people can be so cruel to each other? You might say, “I would never do that,” and you probably would not. What might you do? The same nature that led to the terrible evils we just read about also lead to lying, cheating, sexual immorality and addictions. How about Christians? Do we look different from world? How about pornography? The disturbing statistics for Christian men between 18-30 years old are particularly striking:

  • 77% look at pornography at least monthly;
  • 36% view pornography at least daily;
  • 32% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 12% think they may be).

The statistics for middle-aged Christian men (ages 31-49) are no less disturbing:

  • 77% looked at pornography while at work in the past 3 months;
  • 64% view pornography at least monthly; and
  • 18% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 8% think they may be).

Statistics for Christians and divorce and extra marital affairs nearly mirror those of non-believers. In Luke 5:12-16, a man with leprosy approached Jesus and said, “If you are willing you can make me clean.” This man recognized his need. He was aware of his condition. We read that Jesus touched this man who was “covered in leprosy.” Some translations read “full of leprosy.” True leprosy was highly contagious and incurable. Yet Jesus touched this man and said “I am willing.” Our sin nature is much like leprosy. In fact, you could say we are all spiritual lepers. Our leprous condition prevents us from entering into the presence of God because God will not allow sinful man into His presence (Psalm 5:5; Hab. 1:13; Rev. 21:27). There is only one place to find the cure we need. The leper in Luke 5 is a picture of all of us. Like the leper, we must go to Jesus for cleansing. We can confidently approach Jesus in all our need, with all our sin and defilement. He will not turn us away (Heb. 4:16; Psalm 103:12). Even more, He has promised believers the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit to help in the spiritual battle against temptation and sin (Gal. 5:16).

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