Our seminars are designed to equip volunteer church leaders in a variety of roles.  

Leading Life - Changing Bible Study

Available on location or online

This study is designed for small group Bible study leaders who facilitate discussion or teach in a traditional setting. Small group leaders have a sacred responsibility to communicate God’s Word as effectively as possible. Led by Dr. Terry Lanford, Dr. Ken Hemphill, Josh Hunt and Alex McFarland, this training helps equip pastors and their Bible study leaders by providing relevant, practical, and personal guidance for growth and spiritual development.

topics include

God’s Passion for Teaching                                            The Holy Spirit’s Role in Teaching                                   Becoming a Teacher Shaped by God                             

Learning from Biblical Models                                      How to Study Scripture                                                    Preparing the Lesson                                   

Teaching Presentation                                                      Questions That Have Small Groups Talking                 Dealing with Distractions

Protecting Your Ministry

Essential Policies and Procedures Every Church Needs

So often we hear of prominent leaders, coaches, and even pastors and church leadership stepping down or being let go due to inappropriate sexual behavior or harassment. Now, add to all of that the current and tragic epidemic of church shootings. Church leaders today need to develop comprehensive security plans to protect their members and visitors. While church leaders are facing all of those issues, they are also confronted with increasing questions related to gender identity, same sex marriage, and other challenging, yet critical topics to address.

Entrusted to Teach provides training about important policies and procedures every church should address. Topics addressed include: child predators, lawsuits related to same sex marriage and gender identity, sexual harassment, and social media.

Developing a Stewardship Strategy

Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is

This training is designed to help pastors, staff members and church leaders develop an annual stewardship emphasis that will be used by the Lord to lead believers to respond to His agenda for financial stewardship. Topics addressed include: creating a stewardship task force, developing a calendar of milestones, creating a culture of stewardship, practical budget planning, and more.

First Impressions

Making a lasting impression with first time guests

What’s the first impression guests have when they visit your church? First impressions matter because people matter. We hope people will return so that they will hear truth from the Word of God and become fully devoted followers of Christ.

First impressions occur before the service begins. This training helps provide clarity on the guests’ experience of your church and offers practical next steps for implementing a more thorough process.


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