Our seminars are designed to equip volunteer church leaders grow in variety of roles. Currently, our seminars are only available as live presentations. In 2020 and 2021 we plan to make all of our training seminars available on line.  

Equipping Small Group Bible Teachers

  • The Leading Life Changing Bible Study – Foundations track is for small group Bible teachers who facilitate discussion or teach in a traditional setting. Small group leaders have a sacred responsibility to communicate God’s Word as effectively as possible. The problem is, nowadays, We associate pushing play on a DVD player with teaching. It’s not working. Small group Bible teachers must play a critical role in the battle against Biblical illiteracy in our culture. Led by Dr. Terry Lanford, author of Capturing God’s Passion for Teaching. “Entrusted to Teach” will help pastors by helping those who stand beside them to be equipped to teach. Barna Research survey results reveal that, “most church-going adults reject the accuracy of the Bible, reject the existence of Satan, claim that Jesus sinned, see no need to evangelize, believe that good works are one of the keys to persuading God to forgive their sins, and describe their commitment to Christianity as moderate or even less firm.”
  • According to George Gallup, “Americans revere the Bible—but, by and large, they don’t read it.” If we hope to change our nation, we need to begin by changing our Churches . . . specifically, improve Bible teaching. Week after week, men and women with little or no teacher-training are teaching God’s Word. If you are interested in booking Terry to lead an “Entrusted To Teach” workshop at your church please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Small Group Bible Teacher Training Workshop Levels


Three Hours

  • God’s Passion for Teaching
  • The Spiritual Growth of the Teacher
  • Applying Spiritual Disciplines
  • Learning From Biblical Models
  • Inductive Bible Study Training I
  • Lesson Preparation I


Two Hours

  • Lesson Preparation II
  • Use of Helpful Resources
  • Lesson Presentation
  • Handling classroom distractions
  • Using technology
  • Addressing contemporary issues


Entrusted to Teach Ministries is expanding into additional areas to assist churches that are facing complex and challenging management and financial issues. Many churches do not have an Executive Pastor or Business Administrator to provide leadership in the areas of policies and procedures, stewardship development, strategic budget planning, facility management or leadership training. In an effort to provide meaningful and helpful resources for churches needing administrative guidance, Entrusted to Teach offers the following training seminars for your church or association.

Protecting Your Ministry

Essential Policies and Procedures Every Church Needs

Most of us are simply astonished at the current headlines where it seems every other day we hear of prominent leaders, coaches, NFL owners, sports figures, news anchors, commentators or celebrities who are stepping down or losing a job due to inappropriate sexual behavior or harassment. Sadly the church isn’t immune. At the same time we are hearing of church staff members who have been arrested on child porn charges or accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a child or youth. These disturbing stories are becoming much too common. Now, add to all of that the current and tragic epidemic of church shootings. Church leaders today are now having to develop comprehensive security plans to protect worshippers. While church leaders are facing all of those issues, they are also confronted with increasing questions related to gender identity or same sex marriage

Have you and your church leaders proactively sought to establish policies and procedures to address these challenges and protect your members from harm? Do your current church bylaws and policies help protect your ministry from a lawsuit?

Entrusted to teach Ministries provides training about important policies and procedures that every church should address as we face ever increasing challenges in today’s cultures.
Some of the topics that will be addressed include:  Child predators, Lawsuits – Same sex marriage/Gender identity, Sexual Harassment, and Social media for your church and youth ministry.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include:  Child predators, Lawsuits – Same sex marriage/Gender identity, Sexual Harassment, and Social media for your church and youth ministry.


Aid to instructors – Powerpoint presentations and supplemental handouts to aid in leading a group of teachers through Capturing God’s Passion for Teaching. Sessions will be made available as they are completed.

Developing a Stewardship Strategy for Your Church

Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is

This workshop is designed to help Pastors, staff members and church leaders develop an annual stewardship emphasis that will be used by the Lord to lead believers to respond to His agenda for financial stewardship. Training topics include prayer, discovering your theme, creating a stewardship task force, developing a calendar of milestones and creating a culture of stewardship. Methods for communicating and casting vision through sermons, lesson, video spots and testimonies will also be addressed.

We will also offer tips and practical ideas for strategic budget planning that will help your church channel resources to support the mission and ministries of your church.


Contact Entrusted To teach today to schedule a Bible teacher training seminar at your church.

First Impressions

Making a good impression with first time guest.

What’s the first impression guests have about your church? Have you considered how their experience looks through their eyes? First impressions matter because people matter. We hope people will return so that they will hear truth from the Word of God and if they are not already, that they will become fully devoted followers of Christ.

First impressions often occur before the service begins. If the parking lot is chaotic, if the signs are confusing or if people are unfriendly to new people, your guests’ first impression will be anything but positive. First impressions happen before the worship service, the reading of Scripture, before a song is sung and before the sermon is preached. It might be at the entry of your building or in the children’s area. Surveys say that guests make decisions about staying or returning to your church within the first few minutes. Based on your guests’ first impressions in those early moments, are you giving them a reason to return?


Thank you! We appreciate your prayers and partnership as we equip Bible Teachers worldwide! Every gift counts!