Training Bible Teachers Can Change the Culture

Training the Bible teachers in my church reaped rewards I never predicted. As I mentioned in my book, Capturing God’s Passion for Teaching, I was thinking about issues like church growth and Biblical illiteracy. Those issues are hugely important, but the building of relationships with my teachers is something that goes beyond measure. Spending time investing in my teachers told them how much I value their sacrifice. I am not exaggerating when I say that training teachers in church can change the culture. Subtly, the bar for teachers was raised. They recognized the change and their students recognized the change. Everyone involved with Bible study held the position of teacher in higher regard and had greater expectations. All of that happen without complaining or stressing higher expectations. We simply looked had what God’s Word has to say about teaching. We looked at the model teachers found in Scripture. We sought to improve the way we studied Scripture. We lost of couple of teachers along the way. They decided teaching wasn’t their calling. We also gained a few new teachers who began to realize the Lord was drawing them into teaching. Training our teachers was a huge win for our church.

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